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To Add New Rupee symbol in magento currency follow below steps:

1. Add below css and js in header.phtml of your design theme.
link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”http://cdn.webrupee.com/font”
script src=http://cdn.webrupee.com/js type=”text/javascript”

2. add below code in root.xml
path of file: lib/Zend/Locale/Data/root.xml open file in wordpad


currency type=”INR”

replace symbol Rs with: amp#x20B9; (use & for amp).

3. After this refersh cache from admin and manually delete cache from front var/cache folder.

Now in front end it will display new India rupee symbol.

Krupal Lakhia


Comments on: "How to Add New Indian Rupee Symbol in currency" (3)

  1. There is another way you can do it is explained in this tutorial

    For more details you can also refer

  2. Very helpfull tutorial . Really works.

  3. Works like a Champ in Win 7. But it will not display in Win XP. any other alternative for it ???

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